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Do I Farm & Ranch Insurance?

Do I Farm & Ranch Insurance?

Do I need farm insurance?  This is a question we get all the time here in the midwest.  Many people who

live outside of town have farm animals, hay, and maybe even a tractor.  Does your current home policy

cover these items?  


Some home policies offer "incidental farm liability".   You may wondering "what does that mean"?

This coverage is different from "personal liability" in that it would cover incidents involving limited

farm exposure.  It can cover things like your son's friend gets stepped on by a cow or your pig

gets out an into the road and gets hit by a car.  Incidental farm liability is designed to cover families

that only grow crops and livestock for their own consumption.  


If you raise crops or livestock and sell them then you need a true farm policy that offers

"farm and personal liability"  This would offer true farm coverage that would extend your

liaiblity to any farm related product or item you would sell for profit.  A "farm & ranch" policy

can also cover things like farm machinery, hay, livestock, barns, etc.  Many of these items can

be excluded on a homeowner's policy.  A farm policy also has options for liability to cover farm



Our best advice is to consult with a licensed insurance agent to find out what type of policy

works best for you.  Don't wait until you have a claim to find out you don't have the right

type of coverage.  We write farm coverage for people who own 1 acre up to 20,000 acres.

Every person's insurance needs are different.  Make sure you have the right plan.

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